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EnviroPhysics, Inc.
An Earth Friendly Company
With the acquisition of a new field vehicle in 2007,EnviroPhysics is now one of the few (possibly only) companies in New Jersey to be entirely powered by a combination of solar, geothermal, biodiesel, wind, and hydro power.
The 8.4 KW solar array on the equipment storage building provides all company electrical needs during sunny days, while Green Mountain Energy supplies the wind and hydro-generated electricity at other times. Heating, cooling, and hot water are powered by a geothermal heat pump in combination with a biodiesel-fueled boiler.

These investments were made in an effort to make the company as energy-sustainable as possible, and reduce EnviroPhysics' carbon footprint. Other than the use of printer ink cartridges during report preparation, no chemicals are used either on or offsite in the collection and interpretation of data.