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EnviroPhysics, Inc.
Our Mission
To provide the finest, most cost-effective state-of-the-art geophysical surveys to engineers, environmental scientists, archaeologists, police, and military investigators in the mid Atlantic region. In short - to help people find buried objects without having to dig them up.
Company Profile
Having its origins in 1980 as Duran Geophysics, the company was reorganized as a subchapter S corporation and renamed EnviroPhysics, Inc. in 1989. Since then, EnviroPhysics, Inc. has conducted thousands of geophysical surveys throughout New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvannia, Delaware, and Maryland.

EnviroPhysics, Inc. has an extensive client base, with many clients having obtained over 100 surveys each. Part of the reason for this is that EnviroPhysics, Inc. has dependably shown over and over the ability to provide reasonably priced, quality service when and where needed. Another reason is that EnviroPhysics, Inc. does not compete in any way with its clients.
Services Provided
Years of experience have shown that some geophysical techniques are requested far more than others. As a result, EnviroPhysics, Inc. specializes in providing the highest level of expertise in the following areas:
-Underground tank detection
-Utility Location
-Dump, Drum Detection
-Ground-Penetrating Radar
Why EnviroPhysics, Inc.?
There are many good reasons to hire EnviroPhysics, Inc. Here are a few:

1.) Experience: EnviroPhysics, Inc. has been in business since 1989. More important, the person who will be collecting and analyzing the data at your site will be a geophysicist with over 25 years of field experience doing exactly this type of work. No "geophysical technicians" are involved in the collection or anaylsis of data.

2.) Location: Located in central New Jersey, this puts most of New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvannia, northern Delaware and the metro New York area within two hours drive.

3.) Capability: Even though EnviroPhysics, Inc. is a small company, it has one of the most impressive collection of geophysical and support equipment in the region. This includes both analog and digital versions of all major geophysical instruments. If one instrument malfunctions at a site, there is always a back-up available.

4.) Business Relationship: EnviroPhysics, Inc. never competes with its clients. We do not consult in any way, but are purely a geophysical contractor.

5.) Cost: Years of refining field work and report preparation techniques have allowed EnviroPhysics, Inc. to become extremely efficient. This is reflected in how little time is often required to collect the data and in how low the prices are. More important is the fact that what EnviroPhysics, Inc. does, is truly state-of-the-art. When large projects and personal safety are in the balance, you can't afford to do any less.
EnviroPhysics' Lawrenceville NJ Office designed and built for the company in 1994